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About Us
Engine System
Transmission System
Chassis system
Electrical System
Automotive Rubber Parts
Automotive Oilseal
About us
Who we are?

      ARC Industries Inc. is a supply chain management and project management company, which endeavors to offer solution for automotive industry OE project to decrease procurement and manufacturing cost for customers.
ARC services cover product R & D, setting up product quality standard and quality control management system, organizing and supervising mass production and conducting Q/C timely, offering worldwide door to door logistics solution, product quality guarantee and defective products recall and replacement.
ARC Industries Inc. is the united alliance of China auto parts plants, with 18 ARC signed and certified factories spreading in the following 8 districts: Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing.
ARC products are composed of automotive brake system, automotive electrical system, automotive transmission system parts, stamping and injection molding on function. While including machining parts, stamping parts, castings, forging parts, rubber articles and part assembly on manufacturing engineering,.

Where we are?

      With 18 ARC certified and signatory factories spreading in the following 8 districts: Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing, ARC set up the headquater in Qingdao, the biggest port city in north China.

Our mission

      To be an excellent automotive industrial OE project management company.

Why buy from us?
 Complete project management
   R & D: innovative casting solution
   Financial and Engineering support
Complete quality control
   to production system: ISO/TS16949
  to products: Q/C team support
Complete quality guarantee policy
  100% quality guarantee covering all products
  100% defective products free replacement policy
Complete logistics solution
  door to door logistics solution
  on-call small quantity order solution
What we supply?
1. Brake system (pad, shoe, lining, hose, drum, rotor, valve),
2.Transmission & Chassis ( transmission shaft, c.v.joint, universal joint, clutch kit, suspension parts)
3. Electrical system (electrical fuel pump, ignition coil, starter, alternator)
4. Casting solution (precision casting, aluminum alloy die casting, austempered ductile iron)

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