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  • Air compressor
  •  Application : MTZ 80,80A,100,102,80.1,82,82A,82H
  •  OEM No.: A29.01.000
  •  Spec :
  •  Cyilinder diameter: 60mm
  •  Distance: 38mm
  •  Displacement:214cc

Spare part

Cylinder cover assemblly CR.111.100,Cylinder block CR.111.301

Standard  piston assembly CR.111.350 ,Standard  piston CR.111.351

Case body CR.111.401,Standard piston ring CR.111.352

Feature:1. competitive price

2. long exporting history

3. standard material according to specification with technical drawing

4. able to produce according to specification with technical drawing

5. sample purpose order accepted

6. packing according to specification required

7.  flexibled convenient services

Transmission Shaft
brake hose
brake drum
Clutch release bearing
Brake rotor
Brake Pad

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